Tennis Coach for Dayton, OH : Will provide information and instructions to provide clarity
and focus in learning Tennis. Develop suitable training programs for students based on their age,
objectives and individual skill sets. Attend student tennis matches, competitions and tournaments
as required Coordinate and conduct individual lessons. Will also budget, help in promoting and
marketing the tennis club services. Will help in overall development programs for all age groups
and implement the programs based on national and international tennis standard.
Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Sport Management or related field. Foreign Equivalent
Accepted. 2 year experience as a Tennis Coach or must have played college, national or
international level tennis in USA, or any suitable combination of experience of education,
training or experience is acceptable. 40 hrs a week, Must be willing to travel for tournaments
with students. Please send resume to: General Manager, KTC/Quail 4565 Gateway Circle,
Dayton, OH 45440.

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